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This is a site for you all. Do you want to link, add pages? What can I do for you? How can Herefordshire get better? Leave it alone, perhaps! Let me hear from you!
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County Councillor for Pontrilas Ward
if you vote for me!
representing YOU and the It's Our County group.

Where is it?

Aconbury, Little Birch, Kingsthorne, Much Birch. Hoarwithy, Llandinabo, Harewood, Pencoyd. Hentland, Tretire with Michaelchurch, Llanwarne. Orcop, Garway, Garway Hill, St. Weonards.

Why should you vote for me?

Somebody needs to stand up to the Council and ask some awkward questions - and get answers.

Because I have become fed up hearing people complain about potholes, roads and lanes that ruin your car. Buses that run late with rude drivers and drunks. Overgrown hedges that scratch cars and vans.

Because I am even more fed up that if we choose to stay at home we have lousy mobile signals (lucky to have 3g let alone 4g), rotten broadband connections because BT won't pull their finger out, no chance of watching iPlayer or submitting farmers returns.

Because I am fed up hearing the massive mishandling of budgets by a secret Cabinet of Conservatives that make all the decisions and are slowly bankrupting Herefordshire.

OK So what can I do?

  • Make sure buses have a GPS signal so you can see where it is (how late it is!) on your smart phone.
  • Talk to us about the future of your roads. We MUST start a rolling program of mending our roads, not just throwing a bucket of gravel in it and watch it wash out in the next rain storm. Bit of forward planning - but TELL US about it.
  • Give us access to the big pothole database so we can see what has been reported and when it will be dealt with
  • Much Birch has at last got a 40mpg speed restriction where many of the children cross over true A49 to their school. Why isn't it 30mph? Why isn't there a zebra crossing?
  • Stop the Cabinet system of secret control.
  • Ask why on earth Rockfield Road isn't still trading instead of being a pile of rubble?
  • Out of interest, why were those lime trees knocked down. I know there's plenty more trees, but why?
  • And many more questions!

I can listen to you and even better, I can talk to you and together we might be able to offer solutions that suit us all. Let's have a Cabinet that is CROSS PARTY. Let's have more communication and discussion. I want to be part oft the decision making BUT I want to make sure you are involved. It's called Democracy and I wonder if this Council understands the word.

Please, vote for me - and honest and open candidate - I want to really make a difference for you.

Published by Jon Norris, candidate for the It's Our County group for the forthcoming Pontrilas ward election, Nov 21 2013. My address: Whitewells, Much Birch, Hereford, HR2 8HZ Twitter @wizardwonky Personal web site: